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Psychic Pad Folio
Our Price: $159.00
Psychokinetic Time
Our Price: $20.00
The 3rd book in the Psychological Subtleties Series The tools from PS1 put into action. Awarded Book of the year by The Magic Woods. Banachek's most diabolical mentalist weapon to date. The most Powerful Impromptu Effect on the Market.
Available in Spanish.
PSI Kalc
Our Price: $55.00
Key Erect
Our Price: $12.00
Conversations with Mindreaders, Hard core mentalism interviews with 32 of the greatest mind readers on the planet. Must be ordered separately via third party The most incredible Force Calculator available on the market PS1 The book that started it all. Hilarious Comedy Club Routine used by Banachek
The Stealth Communicator
Our Price: $149.00
A very small thumper device. On Sale less than half  price. Learn peeks and more. Make objects move and bend with the power of your mind. Muscle Reading at its Finest
Banachek Pro Bandwriter
Our Price: $39.50
Jamie Salinas' Lotto Fever 2.0
List Price: $34.95
Our Price: $29.95
PK Pen
Our Price: $22.50
The best of the band writers on the market. Predict the lotto. Plays big, packs small! All you need to know to get booked, perform and succeed on the Radio The most incredible demonstration of PK available.
Psychokinetic Touches
Our Price: $20.00
Two books in one, a bargain at this price. The BEST metal bending on the Market by Far. PK Touches Considered by many to be the best DVD set on mentalism ever!!
PSI Series Part 1
Our Price: $35.00
PSI Series Part 2
Our Price: $35.00
Pre Thoughts
Our Price: $20.00
The Magazine that contains the article that caused Banachek and Criss Angel to part ways. Personally Autographed. Part one of an incredible journey into the mind of the  World's Number One Thought Reader. Amazing Mentalism for the amateur and the Pro alike. An entire show full of predictions. Available in German

Mentalism For the Discriminating Mentalist

International Magic Society Mentalist of the Year, Psychic Entertainer's Associations Creativity, Entertainer  of The Year and Contributions to Mentalism Awards,
APCA Entertertainer of the Year,  APCA Novelty Act of The Year, International Brotherhood of Magicians Melbourne Christopher Award.

By Banachek

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