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The Stealth Communicator
The Stealth Communicator

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Created by Gene Protas and Jamie Salinas.

The Stealth Communicator made it's debut at MINDVENTION in Las Vegas on October 16, 2011 and was a complete sell out!  This new product allows the mentalist the ability to receive up to eight codes from a secret assistant.

This device uses the latest technology in wireless communication and is digitally encoded.  The receiver is about the size of a wooden match box and is powered by one AAA battery.  The transmitter is the size of a car alarm remote and can transmit one of eight different codes.  The wireless signal can pass through walls, floors and doors.  The unit has a maximum operating range of 300 feet!

You will also recieve a PDF ebook on CD with detailed instructions as well as many routines and ideas from Jamie Salinas, Gene Protas and more!  Included in the package is a strap to attach the receiver to your arm or leg.

"Tiny, reliable, deceptive and an open doorway to endless opportunities to deceive and entertain." - Banachek, World's Number One Thought Reader

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q - Do I need to have an assistant to use this?

A - For most routines you will but you can also place the receiver in an object and hand that to a spectator to hold or place in their pocket for an instant stooge.

Q- Do I really need to have up to eight codes?

A - No but by having the additional codes, you can get to the end result much faster making for a better performance.  For example: A spectator thinks of a number from one to one hundred.  The first code will tell you within 25 numbers what the number is.  You are already ahead of the game!  An item is selected out of eight items while your back is turned.  Before you turn around, you already know exactly which item was selected.

Q - Will other devices trigger my Stealth Communicator?

A - No.  Each remote is digitally encoded to prevent accidental triggering from another device.

Q - Does this unit really have a range of 300 feet?

A - No, it actually is just a little more than 300 feet as you will see from the range video below:

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